About Juuri

Juuri offers custom solutions for design and web hosting.

Juuri offers friendly, fast and easy solutions for your hosting and web design needs. Click here to watch our 1 minute video.

Content Management System

Content Management SystemWe make it easy for you.

Our modern and fast content management system will help you manage your entire homepage and keep it up-to-date.

File Sharing and Access Control List

File Sharing and Access Control ListStay in control of everything.

Share files with users but keep your data safe! Flexibility and control in user's rights keeps your system secure while protecting what's important.

Calendar and Tasks

Calendar and TasksGreater productivity for you and your team.

Cooperative teamwork is key to better working together. Juuri offers a comprehensive Calendar & Tasks solution in a deeply integrated system.


ContactsControl and share your connections.

Maintaining an organized directory makes finding the right person and staying in touch with them easy.

System-Wide Alerts and Email Notifications

System-Wide Alerts and Email NotificationsStay ahead of changes.

Event invitations, participant status, task assignments, database updates and even more: The system will let you know.

Client Service and Support

Client Service and SupportA great team at your service.

We do our best best to satisfy and help our clients with all their requests and questions.